Complete list of Computer Fundamental in Khmer

Although we are surrounded by computers, how do they operate? The essential components of comprehending how computers work are known as computer fundamentals. Here's a brief explanation for novices:
The Parts:
A computer consists of hardware and software, with hardware being physical components like monitors, keyboards, and mice, and software providing instructions for hardware.
• Physical parts of a computer: monitor, keyboard, mouse, and tower.
• Inside the tower: CPU, RAM, hard drive, and other components.
• Instructions telling hardware what to do.
• Common software includes operating systems and applications.
Working Together:
• Software gives a recipe to a chef, who uses hardware to follow the instructions.
• The desired outcome is a delicious meal.
Basic Skills:
Learning computer fundamentals involves things like using the mouse to click and drag, navigating folders and files, and using basic programs like a web browser or word processor.
Beyond the Basics:
As you get comfortable, you can explore the internet, use different software applications, and even learn how computers work behind the scenes.

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Watch the complete videso all 14 chapters below:
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Personal Computer
Chapter 2 - Safe Lab Procedures Overview
Chapter 3 Computer Assembly
Chapter 4 Introduction to Preventive Maintenance
Chapter 7 and 8 - Networking Fundamentals Concept
Chapter 9 - Laptop and Mobile Configuration
Chapter 10 Mobile, Linux, and OS X Operating Systems
Chapter 11 Introduction to PRINTER
Chapter 12 Security and Virus
Chapter 13 Introduction to Computer Code
Chapter 14 Basic Microsoft DOS

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