Chapter 9 - Laptop and Mobile Configuration speak khmer

This chapter talks about Laptop and Mobile Configuration which include get to know Laptop and Mobile Components, Configuration and ports. Lastly, it explains about basics maintenance and troubleshooting.

Laptop Components and Configuration

• External features: Battery, security keyhole, docking connector, touchpad, keyboard, fingerprint reader, microphone, webcam, LED indicators.
• Internal components: Motherboards, RAM (SODIMMs), CPUs, storage, special function keys, docking station vs. port replicator.
• Displays: LCD, LED, OLED displays, Twisted Nematic (TN) and In-Plane Switching (IPS) types, backlight and inverters, Wi-Fi antenna connectors, webcam and microphone.

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Laptop Configuration

• Power settings configuration: ACPI standards, managing ACPI settings in the BIOS.
• Wireless configuration: Bluetooth, cellular WAN (tethering), Wi-Fi (Mini-PCI, Mini-PCIe, PCI Express Micro).

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Laptop Hardware and Component Installation and Configuration

• Expansion slots and cards: ExpressCard/34 & ExpressCard/54 models.
• Flash memory: External flash drive (SSD), flash cards (SD, SDHC), smart card readers.
• SODIMM memory: 32-bit vs. 64-bit.
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Mobile Device Hardware Overview

• Mobile device parts: Non-upgradeable hardware, touchscreens, solid state drives, connection types, accessories.
• Other mobile devices: Wearable devices, specialty devices.
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Common Preventive Maintenance Techniques

• Scheduled maintenance: Cleaning, hard drive maintenance, software updates.
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Basic Troubleshooting Process

• Identifying the problem.
• Establishing a theory of probable cause.
• Testing the theory.
• Establishing a plan of action.
• Verifying full system functionality.
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