Chapter 7 & 8 -Networking Fundamentals Concept

Wireless access points, switches, and routers are the building blocks of networking. The fundamentals of networking are wireless access points, switches, and routers. Devices linked to your network can talk to each other and to other networks, including the Internet, via them.

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•Principles of Networking: this part explains the use of components and types of computer networks.
•Types of networks:this section about Local Area Networks (LANs), Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), Personal Area Networks (PANs), Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), Peer-to-Peer Networks, and Client-Server Networks.
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•Physical Components of a Network: this part talking about Hardware components (Server, Client, Peer device, Transmission medium, Connecting devices), Software components (Operating system, Protocols).
•Network Devices: this part explains the different devices used in a network.
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•Cables and Connectors: this part covers different types of cables and connectors used in networks.
•Computer to Network Connection: this part explains how to connect a computer to a network.
•Network Sharing: this part explains how to share resources on a network.
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•Remote Connections: this part explains methods for remotely connecting to a computer.
•ISP Connection Technologies: this section covers technologies used by ISPs to provide internet access.
•Data Centers and Cloud Computing: this section explains cloud service models and deployment models.
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Watch The Complete Chapter of Computer Fundamental in Khmer Here

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