This chapter is about Windows Configuration and Management. It covers topics such as the Windows GUI and Control Panel, client-side virtualization, common preventive maintenance techniques for operating systems, and the basic troubleshooting process for operating systems.

Windows Desktop, Tools, and Applications Overview: It Covers about Start Menu, Task Manager, File Explorer, Windows Libraries, and application installation and uninstallation.

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Control Panel Utilities: In this section details utilities for managing user accounts, internet options, display settings, Action Center, Windows Firewall, power options, System Utility, Device Manager, Devices and Printers, Sound, Region, Programs and Features, and Troubleshooting.
Administrative Tools: This section covers Computer Management, Event Viewer, Services, System Configuration, Performance Monitor, and Windows Memory Diagnostics.

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Disk Defragmenter and Disk Error-Checking Tool: This section explains how to use Disk Defragmenter for faster file access and Disk Error-Checking for hard drive error scanning.

Command Line Tools: This section provides an overview of the Windows Command Line Interface (CLI) and some common Run Line utility tools.

Client-Side Virtualization: This part discusses purpose and requirements of virtualization, including virtual machines and hypervisors.

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Common Preventive Maintenance Techniques for Operating Systems: This part outlines a preventive maintenance plan for operating systems, including updates, scheduling tasks, creating restore points, and hard drive backups.

Basic Troubleshooting Process: This part provides a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting operating system problems, including identifying the problem, establishing a theory of probable cause, testing the theory, creating a plan, verifying the solution, and documenting the process.

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Watch The Complete Chapter of Computer Fundamental in Khmer Here

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