Chapter 5 WINDOWS INSTALLATION speak Khmer

This chapter covers the basics of operating systems (OS). An OS is a system software that manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs.
There are different types of OSes, including desktop, network, and mobile OSes.

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• Functions of an OS:

Hardware Access, File and Folder Management, User Interface (CLI and GUI), Application Management.

• Types of Operating Systems:

Desktop OS (example: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux) and Network OS.

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• Customer Requirements:

OS Compatibility Applications and Environments, Minimum Hardware Requirements and Compatibility with the OS Platform.

• Data Migration:

User data must be transferred after a new installation.

• Operating System Installation:

Storage Device Setup Procedures, File Systems, OS Installation with Default Settings, Account Creation.

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• Custom Installation Options:

Disk Cloning, Network Installation, Image-based Installation.

• System Recovery Options:

Tools used to recover after a system failure.

• Boot Sequence and Registry Files:

Windows Boot Process, Windows Startup Modes, Windows Registry.

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• Multiboot:

Allows users to switch to different OSes on one computer.

• Disk Management Utility:

Views drive status, extends partitions, splits partitions, assigns drive letters, adds drives and arrays.

• Directory Structures (Folder Structure):

Stores files and folders.

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• User and System File Locations:

System files are critical to OS operation.

• File extensions and attributes:

define how files can be handled in Windows.

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