Chapter 2 - Safe Lab Procedures Overview in Khmer

This chapter cover overview of safety procedure about:

1. Procedure Protection of People

• Ensure availability of first-aid kit, remove jewelry, and keep food and drinks out of the workspace.
• Ensure electrical safety by checking hot areas around printers and AC adapters.
• Practice fire safety by turning off power and unplugging equipment before service.

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Video #1 LAB Procedure and Tool

2. Procedure Protection of Equipment and Data

• Protect computer systems from environmental factors like temperature and humidity.
• Dispose of computer equipment according to regulations using Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

3. Proper Use of Tools

• Use ESD, hand, cable, cleaning, diagnostic, software, and organizational tools.
• Document all services and repairs.
• Use personal reference tools like troubleshooting guides, manufacturer manuals, quick reference guides, and repair journals.
• Use miscellaneous tools like masking tape, a working computer, and a pencil eraser.

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