Chapter 11 Introduction to PRINTER speak Khmer

A printer is a crucial device that converts digital documents and images from electronic devices into physical copies. Available in inkjet, laser, or thermal types, they cater to various needs and are widely used in homes, offices, and commercial settings.
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Common Printer Features and Configuration
• Printers are peripheral devices that create physical representations of text or graphics.
• Common features include capabilities, speed, color, quality, reliability, cost of ownership, and connectivity.
• Types include inkjet, laser, thermal, impact, and virtual.
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Installing and Configuring Printers
• Follow manufacturer's instructions when connecting the printer.
• Install printer software using the installation CD or tools from the manufacturer's website.
• Use the latest version of the printer driver and software.
• Print test pages to verify printer functionality.
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Sharing Printers
• Printers can be shared on a network using wired or wireless connections.
• Configure printer sharing in the Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel.
• Print servers allow multiple users to access a single printer.
Maintaining and Troubleshooting Printers
• Perform preventive maintenance, replace consumables, keep the printer clean, and store in a cool, dust-free, and dry environment.
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