Chapter 12 Security and Virus speak khmer

This chapter covers computer security fundamentals, including threats, procedures, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting.
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I. Security Threats and Procedures
• Security threats are potential risks to computer systems and organizations.
• Physical threats can be internal (fire, unstable power supply), external (lightning, floods), or human (theft, vandalism).
• Non-physical threats, also known as logical threats, can result in data loss, disrupted business operations, and unauthorized access.
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II. Security Procedures
• Security procedures provide detailed instructions on implementing security controls based on an organization's policies.
• Windows Local Security Policy can be used to enforce security on non-domain computers.
• Secure web access involves using browser features like ActiveX Filtering, Pop-up Blocker, and SmartScreen Filter.
• Data protection techniques include firewalls, biometric authentication, data backups, encryption, and proper hard drive disposal.
• Anti-malware software should be updated to protect against viruses, adware, phishing, and spyware.
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III. Common Preventive Maintenance
• This section is not covered in the provided document.
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IV. Basic Troubleshooting Process for Security
• Common security problems can be attributed to hardware, software, or connectivity issues.
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