Free Download Database Management System Book in Khmer language

Free Download Database Management System Book in Khmer language

This DBMS book is prepared by Mr. Chan Voleak in 2013. The Book is writen in Khmer language.
This book is cover the main concepts as the following:
1. Introduction to DBMS
2. Creating Database
3. Creating Table in Database
4. Using SQL Queries
5. Creating Forms
6. Report
7. Excercise and Project

Database Videos in Khmer language is HERE
Chapter 1: Introduction to Database System
Chapter 2: Data Definition Language (DDL - SQL)
Chapter 3: Data Manipulation Language (DML - SQL)
Chapter 4: Data Control Language (DCL - SQL)- coming soon
More...- coming soon

What is Database Management System?

A Database Management System, sometimes known as a DBMS, is essentially a computerized data-keeping system. Users of the system are given the ability to execute a variety of actions on it, such as manipulating the data in the database or managing the database structure itself.

Follow this book you are able to create and manage database system for your projects.

DOWNLOAD DBMS BOOK in PDF Khmer, Source 1 or 2

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