(UPDATE) Chapter 2 Introduction to Data Definition Language in SQL with Videos and Document in Khmer

Chapter 2 SQL(Data Definition Language - DDL) in Khmer (FULL lesson)

Data Definition Language (DDL) in Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to CREATE Table, ALTER Table and DELETE Table.

This chapter will explain detail with example in Microsoft Access step by step from design concept and use DDL to deal with Tables.

Database Videos in Khmer language is HERE
Chapter 1: Introduction to Database System
Chapter 2: Data Definition Language (DDL - SQL)
Chapter 3: Data Manipulation Language (DML - SQL)
Chapter 4: Data Control Language (DCL - SQL)- coming soon
More...- coming soon

Click Here to Download Database Management System Book in Khmer language

Video #1 Introduction to DDL and Datatype

Video #2 Create Table in Microsoft Access

Some SQL Statement to create tables:

CREATE TABLE Customer( CusID int PRIMARY KEY, CusName VARCHAR(30), Phone VARCHAR(20), CusAddress VARCHAR(250) )

CREATE TABLE Staff( StaffID smallint Primary key, StaffName varchar(30), Gender varchar(6), BirthDate Datetime, StaffPhone varchar(20), StaffAddress varchar(250), StaffPosition varchar(200), Salary money, HiredDate datetime, StopWork bit )

CREATE TABLE Product( ProductID smallint primary key, ProductName varchar(250), StockQty smallint, UnitPrice Money, SaleUnitPrice money )

Video #3 SQL Statement to creat table

Video #4 SQL Statement with Relationship

create table Invoice( InvoiceNo Int primary key, InvoiceDate datetime, CusID int, StaffID smallint, TotalAmount Money, CONSTRAINT FKCusID FOREIGN Key(CusID) REFERENCES Customer(CusID) on DELETE CASCADE on UPDATE CASCADE, Constraint FKStaffID FOREIGN key(StaffID) REFERENCES Staff(StaffID) on DELETE CASCADE on UPDATE CASCADE )

Create table InvoiceDetail( InvoiceNo int, ProductID smallint, SaleQty smallint, SaleUnitPrice money, Amount money, Constraint FKInvoiceNo FOREIGN Key(InvoiceNo) references Invoice(InvoiceNo) on DELETE CASCADE on UPDAte CASCADE, Constraint FKProductID FOREIGN Key(ProductID) references Product(ProductID) on DELETE CASCADE on UPDAte CASCADE, Constraint PKInvoiceNoProductID PRIMARY Key(InvoiceNo, ProductID) )

Video #5 SQL Statement create Tables (UPDATE)

Video #6 SQL Statement to Create Tables with Relationship (UPDATE)

Video #7 SQL Statement deal with Table (UPDATE)

More Videos are Coming Sooooon!!!

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