3 Easy Ways to Fix Tiny Khmer Font in Telegram Desktop!

Telegram is one of the most use social media message. Have you ever open Telegram and the Khmer font look like ant size? Yeah, it annoying! But don't worry, I got your back! Here 3 way to fix it:

1. RegEdit Hack (For Brave People Only!)
This way powerful, but also scary for some. You gotta edit something called the "registry." Basically computer setting stuff. Be careful!
Here what you do:
- Open that scary RegEdit program (search for it in Start Menu).
- WARNING! Messing with registry can mess up other things! Maybe backup first (Google how to do that).
- Now DEEP dive into folders (experts only!). Find something like "MS Shell Dlg 2" and change the font to a Khmer font you have.
- Restart computer and PRAY it works!

2. Install Khmer-Friendly Font
Maybe RegEdit too scary? This option is for you! Just download a nice, clear Khmer font. Lots of free ones online! Then install it on your computer.

- Find a Khmer Modify font you like that work on telegram.
- Install the font like any other program.
- Now Telegram might automatically use the new font.

👉Download Khmer Font to Fix Telegram: Download Khmer OS Siamreap font

3. Change Font in Telegram Setting (2024)
UPDATE! Some people say there's a way to change font directly in Telegram now! Here's what to try:

- Open Telegram Settings (find the gear icon!).
- Look for a Font option (if it's there!).
- If you lucky, there might be option to pick Khmer font!
- Remember: This last option might not be there yet. Gotta wait and see if Telegram add it for real or try to update telegram to the lastest.

So there you go! Three ways to fix that tiny Khmer font in Telegram. Hopefully one of them works for you!

Last thing: Be careful with RegEdit! If you not comfortable, try the other options first.

Useful links:

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⚡ Free Ebook Download - free PDF download
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