Free Video Tutorial of Basic Adobe Illustrator in Khmer Part 2

Video Basic Adobe Illustrator in Khmer Part 2

This is part TWO of TWO of Illustrator video tutorial. We continue with Tools and simple LOGOs design in Illustrator cc.

Useful links:

⚡ How to Download and Install Khmer Unicode for Windows and Mac OSX (apple)
⚡ Free Ebook Download - free PDF download
⚡ Learn Excel Formulas with Video and Example Download

7. How to use Puppet warp tools, mesh tools and more tools in Illustrator

These tools are so useful when it come to transform or change the shapes to different layout you want.

8. How to Fix Khmer Unicode Font in Adobe Illustrator cc

If you have problem with writing Khmer Unicode in Illustrator, this video could help you. If you are looking how to Fix Khmer Unicode Font in Photoshop click HERE

9. How to use Type Tools, Star Tools and more Tools in Illustrator in Khmer

These Tools mostly dealing with text in illustrator.

10. How to use Graph tools, Zoom tools, Hand tools and other Tools in illustrator cc

This video covers more than 10 tools in illustrator which explain one by one with examples.

11. How to use Tools in Illustrator, LAST ONE

This is the last video of how to use different tools in illustrator. Hope you enjoy and share to your friends. to draw a coffee cup in adobe illustrator cc 2019

This is the example of how to draw a COFFEE CUP by using tools you learn in illustrator with tips and tricks.

13. How to design simple LOGO in illustrator cc 2019

This video show to design a simple LOGO step by step in Illustrator.

14. How to design simple Circle LOGO with TEXt in Illustrator Khmer

This is the last video of basics Adobe Illustrator Tools in khmer. Thank You for all your support. Please Please help to share to your friends.

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