How to use Telegram (include video speak khmer)

This is the collection of how to use telegram on computer and mobile (Video inside in khmer language).

Telegram is one of the most use app message, video call, voice chat, and video call. Telegram has reach 1 billions download. You can create groups and channels to discuss or share information. Telegram come with api and bot which allow user to interact more with their audience that make user better experience.

1. How to Fix Small Khmer Unicode Font Telegram in Windows 11/10/8/7

In this video below how the quick and easy way to fix khmer unicode font from small size to bigger size by just install one font then restart then you got what you want. This is really helpful tip.

2. How to Manage Telegram - chat folder ....

When you have many chats, groups and channels then it would be hard to manage or find it. So telegram create chat folder which allow us to group our chat or group into a folder - that way we can find it fast and easy
To learn more let see in video for more features.

3. How to Send Image with Orignal Quality on Telegram with Smartphone

Telegram allows us to send both Orignal Quality and compress image. Automatically Telegram compress the image to smaller size to send it faster but you can choose to send without compress if on computer but in mobile you need to select as file otherwise it use compress
Refer to the video for detail information.

4. Telegram Advance setting to Save More Space and use little mobile data

Telegram is auto download all media like image, preview the link, video and other documents. This could eat up a lot mobile data and space on the mobile phone.
Refer to the video for detail information how to do it and could speedup telegram too.

5. How to create vote in telegram

Telegram allow us to create vote in a group or channel. This feature is really useful to get your audience a voice for their opinions. Check out the video how to do so.

More Telegram Tutorial please check our youtube channel

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