How to use OCAM Screen Recorder Tutorials

Ocam Screen Recorder - How to Use OCAM in 2021 ( Download / Install / Recording / Setting)

OCAM Screen Recorder is one of the popular screen recorder for PC and free to use. OCAM is a small simple software which is easy to use and record computer screen. It comes with free and pro version.

1. How to Download and Install OCAM

If you have low-end pc and want to record your screen with problem, OCAM is one of the best choice for you. In the video ocam tutorial below cover the following:
1- How to Download OCAM Screen Recorder
2- How to Install OCAM Screen Recorder
3- Understand OCAM Program Interface and Record Settings
4- Test Recording with OCAM Screen Recorder
5- OCAM Advanced Settings
🔥 Download OCAM Screen Recorder Last version: Download OCAM Last Version

2. How to use OCAM to Record Screen with Camera as a Webcam

OCAM Screen Recorder allows us to record the screen at the same time as Webcam. In this video tutorial I use Canon M50 as a Webcam in OCAM Screen Recorder. Refer to the Video for step by step for Installation and configure with record testing.

How To Use OCAM Record Screen With Mouse Effect

If you want to record computer screen a long with mouse effect, this tutorial show How to use OCAM to Record Screen with Mouse Effect (Left Click Effect, Right Click Effect, and Mouse Background Color Effect.

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