Introduction to Microsoft Word in Khmer (Video inside)

Introduction to Microsoft Word in Khmer (Video inside)

This is my online record about Introduction to Microsoft Office Versions and Microsoft Word for beginner. This record is no editing, straight from the class.

Microsoft Word is one of the applications in Microsoft Office package. Microsoft word is used for word processing like creating document, letter, cover letter, CV, book and other related documents.

In this video explain in khmer with the following section:
Understanding the Ribbon:
- Ribbon contains multiple tabs like File, Home, Insert, Desing and so on.
- Tab in the ribbon like Home, has many groups of commands.

Understanding Microsoft Word Interface when open up
- Blank Document: new document without any style
- Template: Document with style and layout
- Recent Doc: open document with recently working on
- Group: has many commands to working on with different part.

Using Quick Access Toolbar
Quick Access Toolbar is used to add more frequently use commands to the top of the ribbon which is easy and quick to access. You can add or remove commands on quick access toolbar.

Understanding of using Font and Font format
Font and font format are most use in microsoft word. It is really useful to prepare and format your text to look better or in a way you like. In this video cover more command and tools in this section.

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