Chapter 1 Introduction to the Personal Computer Part 3/5 (Video in Khmer)

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Personal Computer Part 2/5 (PDF + Video in Khmer)

Full Lesson Objectives (Detail in Video):
I. Personal Computer Systems
II. Select Computer Components
III. Configurations for Specialized Computer Systems

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-Storage Devices
Storage is created to permanently store user data, user applications and the Operating System. It can be internal or external to the computer.

- Video Ports
It connects a video system to an external display device such as a monitor or projector.

- General Ports
General Ports is other ports to provide connectivity between the motherboard and various external devices such as printers,scanner, external storage and video cameras.

- Adapters and Converters
Adapters and converters can be a solution if computer does not have the proper port to connect to a device.
Adapters do not usually process the signal, it simply redirect it to another pin.
Converters are more likely to process and transform the signal, converting it to be accepted by an existing port.

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